Art Crawl Weekend

Hooray! It’s art crawl weekend in Nashville!

If you’re checking out Nashville as a potential home, this is a feather in its cap. The first Saturday of every month, Nashville has two art crawls–one is downtown (6:00 – 9:00), one is in Wedgewood-Houston (5:30-9:00), a neighborhood south of downtown (and my home hood!) My pretty limited experience has been that the downtown art crawl is more commercial and WeHo (lack of better name? missing NYC a lot this week? simply crazy?) tends to be more underground, more experimental, and for me, more interesting and fun. Don’t take my word for it though. Check out both and then head to Track One for live music at 9:00 @ 1209 4th Ave South.

Downtown has a shuttle that will take you around hopping galleries, and the central location is the Arcade (pronounced AR-cade. I first thought people were saying ART CAVE). Once you’re in WeHo, start at Zeitgeist and pick up a map there of the galleries in the neighborhood. They’re all in walking distance.

Here are my highlights.

Which: Wedgewood-Houston
Where: threesquared
427 Chestnut St. (inside Chestnut Square)
Reception at threesquared 6-9pm
On display: Hair Pieces by Rebecca Drolen

I’ve always marveled at how much we love hair—when its attached to a head. We pet it, stroke it, some of us spend thousands of dollars a year maintaining it, others take medication to keep it. Hair is not just an industry; it’s how we identify people and ourselves. But, the moment it is off the head, it is unsightly, disgusting even. And if its found in our food? Forget it. It might have fallen off the heads of Eva Mendez AND Ryan Gosling–two famous, beautiful hairs, in love!–but we want nothing to do with it. I’m excited to see Hair Pieces, the latest series of photographs by Drolen, because I think there’s a lot to say about hair aesthetically, socially, and culturally.

Learn more at:

Which: Wedgewood-Houston
Where: Seedspace
209 4th Ave South (Inside Track One)
On display: “Conversion/Convergence” by Travis Janssen

Janssen will delight you with his work. I saw it last month and could have stood there all night trying to figure out how he did it. I kept thinking, “It must be simple…but it’s too beautiful to be simple!” I don’t want to give it away, but I will say that there is a projector and a fan, and a lot of colors.

Learn more at:

Which: Wedgewood-Houston
Where: David Lusk Gallery
516 Hagan Street
On display: Greely Myatt, “Having Said That”

David Lusk’s new gallery will host its first solo show.  Sculptor Greely Myatt’s “Quilts Built”, fashioned from recycled street signs and painted wood, showed as a public art exhibit in downtown Memphis and is now right here in Nashville.  Myatt says in this interview that his collaborator was his deceased grandmother, and his work merges tradition and reinvigorating old material to create something else.  This Saturday’s show, “Having Said That”, is based on comic books and messages we get from them. (Not psychologically. Think BANG! POW! WOMPH! Thought bubble.)

Learn more at

If you have trouble finding out information about what’s showing at the galleries downtown, that’s because there isn’t a place where its centrally located on the web.  (Never in New York.)  WeHo uses this Facebook page, but the galleries don’t all update it. If you know about more going on out there this weekend, please post it in the comments for all to see!


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