Shop Local: Nashville Farmers’ Market

New Yorkers pining for the Union Square Green Market, Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, or the Park Slope Farmer’s Market will find solace in Nashville’s Farmers’ Market. Open seven days a week, Nashvillians can find everything from local honey to an assortment of succulents. Plus lunch! The market includes an enclosed food court, featuring Indian, Jamaican, Mexican, and Southern cuisine.



Shoppers can root through bins of veggies to their hearts’ content. The strawberries are especially sweet right now, and at $4 a quart, take a few! Check out this handy seasonality calendar to know what’s good.  (May is all about the greens.)


On the north end, Gardens of Babylon supplies the herbs for your window box garden and then some, with funky lawn furniture and these crazy stone faces as well.


At the south end, check out the flea market on Fridays and Saturdays for bargain socks, hand blended soaps, and African fabrics.

Third Friday of every month you can do it all at the Night Market with music and booze.

My boyfriend and I were approached by a camera crew and asked to sign a little girl’s gigantic card for her mom. It’ll be on Kid President, the adorable web special that’s all about doing good, so look for us! Happy marketing!


  1. Holy crap this looks amazing and delicious! I still harbor fond dreams of shopping at our farmer’s market and making delicious food from those fresh ingredients…alas.

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