Eat Like an Italian (in Nashville!)

There is no shortage of traditional Italian fare in the Big Apple, and when I’m homesick, it’s what I find myself craving. Happily, Cafe Coco’s Italian Market can transport me back with the comfort of a thin slice and a gelato.

Italian Market sits in West Nashville—an area I admittedly haven’t explored much! This is definitely a “look no further” type of joint.  In addition to it being a dine-in (or sit outside in the courtyard) restaurant, the market is just as enticing. With handmade pastas, panettonnes, an olive bar, and several flavors of gelato, it is in fact a bona fide Italian Market, and it’s no surprise—the owner’s family is from New York and has owned several restaurants over past fifty years.

411 51st Ave. N at Charlotte Pike

411 51st Ave. N at Charlotte Pike








The pizza only compares to my other local fave, Bella Napoli. But, you have to know what you’re getting into. It’s thin and floppy and you might need a knife and fork. Ingredients are fresh. Sauce is dynamite. It’s a great spot for a date. The dining room follows a farmhouse motif and is lamplit and romantic. The big screen television might show a “football” match or silently take you on a tour of Italy. I’ve found the service to be wonderful–friendly, discreet, and super helpful.











The giant Nutella jar.

The giant Nutella jar 






The big bonus? A bocce ball court outside! What more could a displaced New Yorker want?


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