June Art Crawlin’

I’m gonna go ahead and say it: I rarely went to art galleries and shows in New York. Feeling characteristically like I wasn’t good enough (or something), I felt it was worlds away from the cafes in which I brooded and read, brooded and read. No more, not here!  While this may be an unusual sign of maturity in me, I attribute it more to my feeling that Nashville’s art scene is wonderfully unpretentious. I find that people are approachable and excited about what they see and what they’re doing.

If you haven’t made it to Nashville’s First Saturday Art Crawl yet, this is your chance. Saturday June 7, Nashvillians take to the galleries and warehouses to sample the latest from artists of Nashville and beyond. This month’s art crawl is extra special because it is preceded by the Porter Flea, a huge flea market in the gargantuan Track One at 4th Ave and Chestnut where you’ll find handmade goods and wares. (Also, there will be food trucks!) If you were sad that you missed Kelli Shay Hix’s exhibit at 444 Humphreys, go see her at the flea and buy some of her paper craft.

The Scene’s got the low down on the crawl here. I’ll add that 40AU in the arcade downtown is showing work by Miranda Herrick that looks terrific. Curator Megan Kelley writes, “With roots in the traditions and practices of textile work, Herrick questions the necessity of using pre-packaged ‘artist materials’ when confronted by the inherent creative potential and overabundant availability of what society commonly views as ‘waste.'”

Work by Miranda Herrick. Photo credit: Customs House Museum and Cultural Center

Work by Miranda Herrick. Photo credit: Customs House Museum and Cultural Center

Herrick will be also be leading a group workshop at Turnip Green Creative Reuse on Monday, June 16th, from 10 to noon, focusing on reclaimed materials as a source of creativity and exploration.

Nashville has two art crawls–one is downtown (6:00 – 9:00); one is inWedgewood-Houston (5:30-9:00), a neighborhood south of downtown (and my home hood!) See you out and about!

Coming soon to NYCnash: Confessions of a Northerner and my travels in East Tennessee.





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