Friday Night Happenings

There’s lots to do Friday night! I know I don’t cover music here very much on NYCnash. It’s really my boyfriend Tony Youngblood’s thing. Let him be your guide by heading over to Theater Intangible, where he’s got all the details on two fantastic shows happening tonight. abrasiveMedia, which I wrote about a while back, has Suzanne Thorpe and Bonnie Jones as part of Southern Girls Rock Camp, as well as The Voight-Kampff Duo. Soon after, FMRL presents at Emma, Inc.

Friday and Saturday nights at 8 p.m., Cult Fiction Underground has The Temptress, featuring a live score by Ricko Donovan @ Logue’s Black Raven Emporium2915 .

To top it off, at midnight, The Belcourt has Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with an intro and Q&A with John Dugan, who played Grandpa, at 11:30. And if you haven’t seen Obvious Child yet, please go before it’s too late. Preview below. It’s great! Enjoy your weekend, kids!


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