Weekend: Sideshow Fringe Festival

composition-notebook-journalI don’t know about you, but lately, my life feels like a sideshow act of heightened drama and intense affect. I’m going to escape the insane realities that plague me this weekend at the Sideshow Fringe Festival. (Again, how is there so much going on in one weekend!? Coordinate, people!) 

It bills itself as a progressive performing arts festival. At four days long, it’s packed with plays, puppet shows, dance performances, and readings. If I can get up the hutzpah, I might check out the #ThrowbackThursdayLIVE event tonight and read some of my morose middle school journals in the tradition of “Cringe.” (Because I’ve been plunged into adolescent turmoil already this week, why not make it official?) Mine reads like a study in teenage substance abuse. How about yours?

How I feel right now.

How I feel right now.

Friday night, fans of The Moth might enjoy First Time Stories hosted by Vali Forrister, where people will share 5-minute stories about first time experiences, live without notes. This is followed by The Nerve, which seems to be the same thing with a different theme. I’m excited Nashville is seeing this kind of programming! 

There are other events throughout the weekend as well that you can check out on the festival’s website here. Now, break out those old love letters you never sent and meet me #TBT! 


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