Month: August 2014

Seed Space Workshops and Events


There’s so much to love in the Wedgewood/Houston neighborhood, and we can always count on Seed Space to provide top programming and great artists. At AM@WH last Saturday, we caught “The Pairing”, a choreographed performance featuring Chicago artists Soheila Azadi and Hanna M. Owens. Azadi, clad in a  black burqa moved slowly and fluidly, her movements matched by Owens, who was nude, excepting a pair of black gloves. The pair performed with hypnotic, echoing music that was inspired by the Islamic call to prayer. There was conflict and desire and uncertainty in their movements, and I thought of the differences in ideologies in the Islamic world and the Western world and enjoyed seeing the women share a space. The hyper-sexualized white woman and the veiled Islamic woman were not exactly at odds, but they also weren’t working together. My male counterpart noted that he felt he should to “avert his eyes” during the performance. The intimacy of the space definitely contributed to the success of the performance, and I was left quite moved.

Coming up at Seed Space: the nonprofit lab will host events aimed at professional artists when a New York gallery director, Andrea Zieher, comes to town. On Thursday, they’ll begin with an opening reception and short film screening at 6:00 p.m. Seed Space’s press release has these details on workshops for the professional artist later in August. You can find more info here.

Elevator Speech Workshop
Curb Center for Art, Enterprise & Public Policy: 1801 Edgehill Ave
Tuesday, Aug 126 – 8 p.m.
Website Workshop
Curb Center for Art, Enterprise & Public Policy: 1801 Edgehill Ave
Thursday, Aug 146 – 8 p.m.
Individual Portfolio Review for the Visual Artist
427 Chestnut Street
$50, 25-minute appointments
*These are selling out fast!