An Earth Shattering Pairing at Zeitgeist

September and October have much in store for us at Zeitgeist Gallery in Wedgewood-Houston. Seana Reilly’s “Dark Matter” debuts September 6 and will run through October. Reilly’s work explores natural processes and the mental acrobatics we go though in order to process them. She pours graphite onto slick surfaces and lets gravity do its work. The results are stunning and call to mind natural structures like wide chasms marked by erosion, massive landslides, and volcanic rock. Then, her architecture background leads her into an investigation of the fluid dynamics that formed these shapes, and she adds diagramic images that explain “the science behind what’s going on.” Check out her video explaining her process here

Genetive Case  from the artist's website

Genetive Case
from the artist’s website

Schematic 127 from the artist's website

Schematic 127
from the artist’s website

Stellar Flare from the artist's website

Stellar Flare
from the artist’s website

In October, Reilly’s work will be accompanied by an installation by Jack Ryan that tells the story of the meteorite that hit Nashville’s own Regions bank in 2008. I’m saving the details for an article in Nashville Arts, but check out one of his mesmerizing videos below. I think these two artists will present a not-to-be-missed pairing. Here’s “I Fell For You.” 

<p><a href=”″>I Fell For You</a> from <a href=””>Jack Ryan</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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