David Lusk Show Explores Paradox of the Southeast

DSC00642David Lusk Gallery in Nashville shows the magical realist paintings of Jared Small with “Stately Abandonment.” I checked out the exhibit this evening at the gallery’s Arts and Non-craft Beer Fridays. I love how the gallery is opening its doors on evenings throughout the month. DSC00636
Like a town in a Southern Gothic novel, the show strikes a mood of imminent trouble masked by a polite disposition. According to his website, the Memphis-born painter Jared Small has always been fascinated by the dilapidated homes and structures found in the Southeast. He paints houses under ominous skies in a realistic style with impeccable detail that start to dissolve around the edges, the paint dripping to pool at the bottom of the canvas. It’s evocative of Victorian houses of the Southeast U.S., prone to the weathering of years but with solid, unshakable foundations, much like the region itself.
Catch it through October 4. Read Stephen Trageser’s excellent Country Life review of the show here.


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