And Something Else on 4th Ave Tonight!

The Seed Space Catalogue is one sale tonight!

The Seed Space Catalogue is one sale tonight!

I didn’t realize just how busy I’d be when I posted about 4th Ave events yesterday! In addition to Ground Floor’s “ReFreshed” and Platetone’s Open Studio and indigo workshop. Seed Space hosts a panel discussion and catalog release party at 6 p.m. in its Track One location at 1209 Fourth Ave.

The catalog chronicles everything that’s happened at and through Seed Space since 2010 in critical essays. Knowing director Adrienne Outlaw, I’d bet it will be smart, relevant, and beautiful. The panel discussion, called “The Role of Arts Organizations in Nashville,” features Scene editor Laura Hutson, Arts Commission’s Community Arts Manager, Leigh Patton, the Frist’s Chief Curator Mark Scala, and Vanderbilt American Studies lecturer Samuel Shaw. Here’s why I’m interested in this event, and may even forego indigo dying for it. (I’m determined to do it all though!)

In short, Seed Space gets me thinking about art and city and community. It causes me to make connections that I can’t get to on my own. During Andy Sturdevant’s “U.S. Cities Contemporary Art Rankings,” I poked fun at art critics and list makers with everyone else and ranked all major U.S. cities based on their contemporary art scenes, raising some pretty neat questions about accessibility, commodification, and mythology. The photo essay “By the Steeple Bell Rope” by Mike Womack and Scott Zieher, which may still be up now, actually had me kind of mad, which has led to all kinds of late night brainstorms about the role of art in gentrifying a city.

I need Seed Space because the folks there are willing to take risks that contribute to me being a stronger thinker, writer, and community member. It’s a vital organization in the Nashville art scene, which let’s face it, can use some stirring up from time to time.

So the timeline for tonight is Ground Floor Gallery’s A.I.R. exhibit “ReFreshed” features 33 women artists from New York and around the U.S.; then head to Seed Space for the panel discussion; then high tail it over to Platetone to dye indigo and absorb the groovy vibes.

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