Artist Reconstructs Art History at Threesquared: Melissa Wilkinson

Threesquared hosts an opening reception for “Le Petite Mort,” a show that the artist Melissa Wilkinson promises will “irritate and seduce.” The Arkansas-based artist says in her statement, “I choose to dismantle epic narratives from the past to create a schizophrenic perspective.” Painting in watercolor, she deconstructs traditional subjects to “dismantle the elitism with which they are often associated,” and produces a meditation on gender, the body, and the male gaze.

Liquid Venus by

Liquid Venus by Melissa Wilkinson

From the gallery:

Threesquared is excited to present recent works from Melissa Wilkinson, Assistant Professor of Art at Arkansas State University. In this new series of watercolor paintings, Wilkinson confronts the image of the body, and exposes its inherent contradiction as a passive object of desire in both traditional representation and contemporary painting. These works incorporate appropriated imagery from art history, subjects suggestive of consumption and wealth, and are deconstructed to recontextualize and agitate. Here, Wilkinson seeks to create a new narrative using an old.


Coiffure by Melissa Wilkinson

Threesquared is located in the Chestnut Square building at 427 Chestnut Street. Opening reception Thursday, September 25, 6-9 p.m. The show will stay up for Arts and Music at Wedgewood-Houston on October 4.

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