Art Review: Melissa Wilkinson at Threesquared

Check out a review I wrote about Melissa Wilkinson’s La Petite Mort, which is showing at Threesquared through October 4. Then, go get dazzled by her smart, gorgeous glitch watercolors. Here’s a teaser about her process:

“Wilkinson’s process is something to geek out over. A true appropriation artist, she pulls images from search engines and builds a narrative from them. La Petite Mort used everything from St. Teresa to Michelangelo to pornography. She reverses the image and data-bends its file by altering the raw code. Combining it with the code from other files, she produces images that overlap and grow into each other. Then, she uses bright watercolors to add strokes of realism. She includes sensual, tactile objects like feathers, satin and tentacles and renders pieces of them precisely, thus combining her classical training with her predilection for new media.”Melissa Wilkinson_Saint Sebastian

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