Weird and Wonderful at The Arts Company

Aggie Zed, puppetman-rabbits; ceramic.

Aggie Zed, “puppetman-rabbits”; ceramic.

Fictions: that’s one word Aggie Zed uses to describe her artworks, many of which will show at The Arts Company in “Rollick and Roll,” which opens Saturday. Her materials are varied: pastels, copper wires, soldered metal scraps, clay, gears, and wheels. Her paintings often have a mis-en-scene quality about them; with titles like “they are not using my boat” and “we are advancing you as our candidate,” they indeed tell a story, a fiction that is both humorous and charged with truth. Her scrap float sculptures are stunning and intricate with a steam punk flair, but retain that same quality of an age-old story that has yet to fully unfold.

Aggie Zed, walk to water,

Aggie Zed, “walk to water”; ceramic, mixed metals. 

we are advancing you

Aggie Zed, “we are advancing you as our candidate“; pastel, ink, acrylic on paper.

Manifested in these sometimes crude, other times intricate figures is a desire to be something more, to achieve something fantastic. The characters in her world commit blunders, she says, much like we do. Zed treats these with a tenderness that borders on the sacral. She’s also a true hippie, noting emotionally that her work is also about the misuse of technology, the planet, and natural resources and our history of using these things to destroy, rather than to create.

Aggie Zed’s exhibition will be up for Saturday’s art crawl and through October 24. The Arts Company is located at 215 5th Ave. N. in downtown Nashville. Check out the video below to meet the artist. 

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