The Resounding Gong

Photo credit: Regina Wilkins in New Orleans, 2013.

Photo credit: Regina Wilkins in New Orleans, 2013.

Add this to your list of stuff to do this weekend: Tatsuya Nakatani will perform at Track One at 9:00, just as the galleries close up. The Japanese-born percussionist will perform solo and then with the Nakatani Gong Orchestra. The concept of the show is really cool. Nakatani trains local musicians and artists on the gong and in his conducting methods for each show, so you may see some Nashvillians performing alongside him.

If you’re imagining nine people banging on flat sheets of metal, let’s back up. They play the gongs with bows, so it’s a sort of mix between the sound a string instrument makes and the sound a percussion instrument makes. (You can see why I never write about music.) I’ve attended some experimental music performances at the request of one Tony Youngblood, and if I’ve made it through half of them, it’s been with equal parts martyrdom and resentment. I’ve learned not to torture us both if it’s going to be something that screeches until my anxiety reaches record highs. This, however, looks to be trance-inducing and ethereal. Wander into a dark corner of the big Track One warehouse and feel spooky. If you’re unsure, take a listen! You have to skip the first several minutes of tuning, but then it gets really nice.

Track One is located at 1209 4th Ave. S, on the corner of 4th Ave. S and Chestnut Street.



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