This Weekend: the One Mile Musical Loop and Capture the Flag at the Park

captureOn October 11-12, Centennial Park will act as a true Greek agora when FLEX IT! My Body My Temple addresses the health care crisis with socially engaged art. Nashvillians will come together and get moving with two unique events.

Saturday, social practice art collective Public Doors and Windows will stage One Mile Loop, a multi band performance around the walking trail that’s based on the habits and musical preferences of six park regulars who were interviewed by the collective earlier this year. Their music ranges from Rancid to Rodgers and Hammerstein and will be performed in varied genres, from melodic pop to heavy soul. Along the route, the collective is constructing historical markers that profile each participant. The piece invites park visitors to consider fitness in a new way that allows them to enjoy diversity of experience and intimately engage with the tastes and habits of others. Time: 3-4 p.m.

On Sunday, Adrienne Outlaw’s new installation of MeetUp will take over the park for an open-to-the public game of Capture the Flag. Players of all stripes are welcome to join this family-friendly game that requires communication and compromise, as well as different skill sets and levels of athleticism. Participants can sign up at the Kidsville tent at Musicians’ Corner, which will also hold crafting workshops throughout the afternoon. Outlaw will film the event for MeetUp’s video installation project, on view in the Parthenon. This multi-piece installation shows people in various acts of health and harmony and serves as a living document of the events in Outlaw’s social practice work. Time: 2-4 p.m.

FLEX IT! My Body My Temple gets art out of the galleries and to the people, while advocating for a subtle change in our lifestyle choices–honoring ourselves and bodies, valuing the food that we eat, and celebrating movement. The exhibition is constantly evolving as its artists visit Nashville for participatory talks and events. FLEX IT! endeavors to effect change while building on core values of reciprocity, interaction, and well being. The works are on display in the Parthenon Museum and throughout Centennial Park through January 10, 2015.


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