Nashville Craigslist: Weirdo Wants to Re-enact Honey I Shrunk the Kids with You

honeyYes, you read the headline right. Someone is advertising on Craigslist that he or she seeks a partner who is verbose, descriptive, and likes Cheerios to re-enact the 1989 dramedy starring Rick Moranis. In this extremely well written ad, the enthusiast expresses his or her fascination with “certain parts” of the film as well as “the perspective of being shrunken.” There will be no physical re-enactment: this will be an online relationship. Unlike most ads in the writing gigs section, it pays! Here’s the ad and link:  

I am looking for a role-playing partner to do email or instant message-based sessions revolving around various reenactments and recreations of situations similar to those in the Disney classic movie Honey I Shrunk The Kids.
Various aspects of the original movie has always fascinated me. The perspective of being shrunken, the various interactions with normal every-day objects and situations. My role would be that of a shrunken individual, while yours would be that of the normal sized role.
The requirements for this job: you are verbose, descriptive almost to the point of being ridiculous, very imaginative, and hopefully you like Cheerios. The ability to take something as simple as moving your hand and creating a moment and event out of it would be preferred as far as detail depth.
If you feel you are the right one for this, and are up for having plenty of fun while doing so, then please reply!
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers


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