My Agita: BFF Until Baby

I’ve been having a ton of fun writing for Vodka Yonic, Nashville Scene’s acclaimed column edited by Abby White, author of 100 Things to Do in Nashville Before You Die. Check out my latest, in which I come to terms with the most deceptive tactic of the patriarchy: motherhood. Here’s a clip:

In college, when my best friend and I marched in a Washington rally for women’s right to choose, I didn’t expect we’d each choose so differently a decade later. Our life trajectories had always matched up: We went to the same high school, college and grad school; we even worked in the same field. She introduced me to feminism and schooled me on the politics of identity. Now that she’s a new mother, I don’t know who I am without her holding my hand, but she certainly doesn’t need that on her plate. She has another human to look after now.


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