Tina Barney Double Film Screening at the Frist


Tina Barney. The Brocade Walls, 2003. Chromogenic color print. Courtesy of the artist. © Tina Barney

Friday, the Frist presents films by NYC photographer Tina Barney, whose exhibition The Europeans opened Jan. 19.

Barney made trips to western Europe from 1996 to 2004, photographing aristocratic men, women, and children in Austria, England, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany. Why be interested in these people? Well, Barney’s shots are beautifully composed and taken with a large-format camera. She told BOMB, “I want to make approaching the image possible. I want every object as clear and precise as possible so that the viewer can really examine them and feel as if they are entering the room. I want my pictures to say, ‘You can come inside here. This is not a forbidden place.'” If Barney can succeed at making the upper crust of the European elite approachable, she’ll have performed a miracle.

Here’s info about the films from the Frist.

Tina Barney: Social Studies follows the renowned photographer as she travels to Europe seeking fresh subjects and inspiration. Social Studies presents an intimate portrait of Barney, a woman born into privilege who has turned her world into art. Directed by Jaci Judelson. 2005. 57 minutes. DVD. NR.

Produced and directed by the photographer Tina Barney, Horst examines the career of one of the fashion world’s most elegant and influential photographers, Horst P. Horst. This rarely seen documentary film is a study of the artist’s work, ranging from his society portraits of the 1930s to the fashion shots and interiors made for Vogue, House and Garden, Architectural Digest, and Vanity Fair. 1988. 20 minutes. DVD. NR.

Friday, January 23 at 7:00 pm. Frist Center Auditorium; Gallery admission required; members free

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