Artist Lecture: Laura Splan at APSU

Wednesday at 7:00 pm, APSU Department of Art will host Brooklyn artist Laura Splan for a lecture that is free and open to the public.


Laura Splan. “Wallpaper,” 2008; site-specific installation, Museum of Contemporary Craft (Portland, OR), hand block-printed wallpaper with blood; 86H x 96W inches

Splan’s work is killer. Check out lingerie made from cosmetic facial peels, embroidery on catheter bags, and blood wallpaper. By using materials of the body, Splan elevates it. In Blood Scarf (below), Splan knit a scarf with clear vinyl tubing that connects to an intravenous device emerging out of the user’s hand, filling the scarf with blood. The material that keeps the user warm paradoxically drains her lifeblood.

Laura Splan. Blood Scarf. From the artist's website.

Laura Splan. “Blood Scarf,” 2002. From the artist’s website.

I’ll be fascinated to hear about her process and conceptual framework. Even her collage work evokes the fraught relationship between our bodies and nature, but without the usual, exhausting commentary about body image, media, and semiotics. What Splan is getting at is much deeper as she investigates our cultural ambivalence about the body.

Laura Splan. "Transfigurations (An Amazing New Lift from Nature)", 2012. From the artist's website.

Laura Splan. “Transfigurations (An Amazing New Lift from Nature)”, 2012. From the artist’s website.

The talk will occur in Trahern 401. Here’s a campus map.

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