The Visualist Brings You More Ways to Find Art


It’s easy to lose one’s way in the sea of information, ads, emails, and invites on the Wild Wild Web. Since I’ve missed events for this reason, I tend to pare down to a precious few email notifications. One worth keeping is The Visualist, a website and subscription service that brings me a weekly list of arts events in and around Nashville. Hosted by sometime-NYCnash contributor Andri Alexandrou and Amelie Brown, the Visualist aims to “speak for the hidden happenings– the events without a magazine hookup, the unexposed arts with no blog shoutout, the art folks in need of a megaphone.”

The Visualist won’t advertise for music (thank god), comedy, traditional theater, dance, or well-known and publicized arts events. In short, it won’t list the events you are reading about in the Tennessean and maybe even the Scene. Although they both contribute tons, there’s a whole lot happening in Nashville that two publications can’t possibly cover. I think that given enough support, the Visualist can really amp up public participation in the arts here (beyond, I don’t know, looking at murals and posting in a Facebook group.) To continue some thoughts I posted last week about the art scenes in Nashville, I am thinking more and more that if we can improve local support of the art scenes, we can harness that energy to sustain a space for artists who have made Nashville great, even as their studios are being bought up.

So sign up and keep the good vibes going.

Also, if you are putting on an arts event and would like to be included in the newsletter, you can email the Visualist at with a short blurb about your project. For some of us, it can be tough to self-advertise. Let the Visualist help you out, and tell your friends.

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