Your Wednesday: Courtney Adair Johnson at MBA and “That Time of the Month” Storytelling

courtneyI don’t know about you, but I am suffering from the winter lazies. I’m back to a 3 a.m. to 12 p.m. sleep schedule (hello darkness, my old friend), and my capacity for concentration is limited to 21 minute episodes of Parks and Rec. That week held captive in my house while my car was marooned on a patch of ice in the front yard deflated both my curiosity and ambition — but not irreparably. I posted this morning about the Dan Holland/Joe Nolan talk at Red Arrow going down Thursday, and there is a lot more happening in Nashville this week. Come friends, let us walk boldly out of our houses in this last month of winter. March, in my mouth you sound like spring, but I know you, you old bastard. You will not defeat me in any of your 31 long days.

Wednesday has Courtney Adair Johnson opening a solo show at Montgomery Bell Academy from 5 to 7. For this exhibition, my favorite reuse artist has sourced all material from the campus trash. Johnson’s work nods to our ecological footprint with work that is alternately laced with grave depth and flights of whimsy. She uses “trash” as her starting point and builds up from there, adding layers and colors and using a variety of techniques: mono-printing, patterns, drips, book arts…she leaves plenty of room for experimentation, often working instinctually. I am a huge fan of Johnson, and I’m looking forward to the site-specific nature of this exhibition. It will be open for viewing during school hours through April 2. The gallery is in the Davis Building.

After that, I’m going to race downtown for That Time of the Month, a monthly reading of short essays. Curated by comedy writer Melanie Vare, TTOTM hosts five women and one man who read their sometimes funny, sometimes sad, oftentimes funny/sad true stories to a room full of strangers. This month, the theme is “Behind Closed Doors,” leaving a lot to the imagination. If you’re a fan of Vodka Yonic, the Scene’s syndicated women’s column created and edited by Abby White, you should definitely check out TTOTM. It will go down at Tin Cup on Rosa Parks Blvd. Wednesday at 7:00.  Check out some videos of past shows, buy your $7 ticket ($10 at door), and I’ll see you there!

Here’s a very funny TTOTM story by Lindsay Victoria from way back in 2012. 


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