Lights, Music at Free Form Friday

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This Friday, March 6, head over to Centennial Park’s black box Theater for Free Form Fridays featuring the light stylings of Dig Deep Light Show and the music of Parallel Lives and The Anthony Belfiglio Quartet. Dig Deep Light Show performed at the inaugural Modular Art Pods event last month in one of my favorite pieces, pouring colorful oils (I think) in the light of old school projectors; the colors coalesced and separated on a big shower curtain that crawlers could pass through or walk around. The resulting work was at times psychedelic and at times ethereal. The talented group often performs alongside musicians as a visual accompaniment.


dig deep 2

Dig Deep Light Show Performs at Modular Art Pods, February 2015.


dig deep


Anthony Belfiglio is a Nashville jazz musician. His repertoire includes classics like “God Bless the Child” and “I Loves You Porgy” but his quartet, which features Danny Gottlieb, Billy Contreras, and Roy Vogt, leans more into the improvisational and avant-garde. Their collaborations are dynamic and varied, and Dig Deep will only compliment their sound.

I honestly cannot find a shred of information on Parallel Lives, so we’ll all be surprised.

The theater is in the Centennial Arts Activity Center. (It’s best to come up 27th Ave North. Here’s a map.) Free Form Fridays does a great service to the community by hosting experimental artists in an intimate setting. If you’re anything like me, you’re skeptical of experimental music. It makes you anxious and you don’t understand it, so you get mad at it. If you also feel this way, I suggest reading Tony Youngblood’s recent column in Nashville Arts that explores why this reaction is so popular and how we can challenge it. That said, it seems like this show will be on the more melodious end of experimental, and if you haven’t seen Dig Deep, you must attend. Plus, it’s free.

Check out this video from a Free Form Friday last year, featuring Dig Deep and musician Hyrka Monsta.


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