Downtown Tonight: TSU Senior Thesis Preview

By London Thomas.

London Thomas, “Steel Cold Kisses”; acrylic paint, digital collage on canvas, 20 by 24 inches.

Seniors from TSU will show their stuff tonight in a thesis preview show at Downtown Presbyterian Church. Called “Exposed Culture,” the one-night exhibition will showcase single, cornerstone artwork from each artist. It will be a great way to get a sense of what TSU thesis shows have to offer so you can pick and choose the ones you’ll attend.

Artists include Jason Pillow, London Thomas, Nate Perry, Mose Jobe, Kazadi Kazadi, Shannen Long, Lauren Dee, Ashley Young, Rosemary Reynolds, Roshad Stewart, Whitney Bogard, and Nazanin Shirani. Trying to see it all on first Saturday can get a little hairy, but peeping this show stopper by London Thomas convinced me to head downtown after all tonight.

From the invite:

‘The “Exposed Culture” Preview presents works of painting, photography, sculpture, graphic design, digital video, and more; all subtly or explicitly revealing hidden patterns and narratives in the artists’ personal cultures. This exhibition is meant to link to the larger, complete senior thesis exhibitions housed at TSU’s Hiram Van Gordon Gallery during the weeks of April 10th-25th. For more information on the April 2015 senior thesis show line-up, please see’

Show will run from 5-9 pm. Lots to see tonight. Starting to feel like it should be called an art run instead of a crawl.

Downtown Presbyterian Church is at 154 5th Ave. N in Nashville.


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