Wendy White’s Upcoming Show at Sherrick & Paul


Wendy White, “Vanity,” 2015; acrylic on canvas, gold mirrored PVC frame

Wendy White will show new work in “Double Vanity” at Sherrick & Paul. White lives in Chinatown, New York City, and the world through her eyes is full of complexities and contradictions. She draws from her surroundings, and we can envision her neighborhood in her abstract, often huge, always flat acrylic paintings. She’s inspired by signage in Chinatown, where words in English, Cantonese, and graffiti slang are layered on top of one another. Fragments of text and graffiti tags often appear in her paintings.

“Double Vanity” follows a recent show at David Castillo Gallery in Miami, where White fused large inkjet prints with acrylic paintings that observe athletes on the field and the emotions they enact. Circling around gender and performance, White plays with this idea in a way that is both serious and fun. She extends this investigation by going into the home and reflecting on the domestic spheres of woman and man. “Double Vanity” is site specific to Sherrick & Paul. White will be carpeting the gallery in white, using the center, free-standing wall to separate the gendered realms of domestic bliss. I had the opportunity to interview White on the phone for an upcoming article in Nashville Arts. She described the show to me as “funny and pop culture inspired” with a decorative palette that tells a color story. The white carpet will give it a time capsule feel, she said, and she’s taking advantage of the warm Sherrick and Paul atmosphere in the old May Hosiery mill. White originally worked in textiles, and this is the first time they’ve come back into her work — a fun coincidence given the setting.

“Double Vanity” will open Thursday, April 30 from 6 – 8 pm. White will lead a walk-through at 5 pm. Sherrick & Paul is also open for first Saturday art crawls (and there’s a great one coming up.)


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