An Advice Column You Need to Follow

fire-burning-question-ts-psHave you been reading Sara Estes’ advice column “Burning Questions” on BURNAWAY? What? You haven’t?

You’re in luck because you can start today. BURNAWAY takes questions from readers and turns to Nashville’s own witty, wise Sara Estes. Her column is not only informational and fun to read, but today it was downright inspiring with advice for any artist or writer who has experienced a rut and blamed everyone else. She writes:

“Nobody has ever done anything good with that kind of thinking. I once knew an old Russian artist who told me that during World War II, when paper became extremely difficult to come by, he’d cut off the margins of newspapers and glue them together to make his drawing paper. Now that, my sweetness, is hard up. You can make art, but you’ve got to get some perspective.”

She’s not without compassion, but she isn’t afraid to dish the hard truths. Past columns have addressed getting gallery representation and hanging art with binder clips (a serious no-no). It’s a great opportunity to ask your own questions about navigating the art worlds or your own practice.

You’ll find Sara Estes at David Lusk Gallery where she’s always willing to provide friendly, thoughtful conversation on current exhibitions. (She’s helped me find my way through quite a few!) She’s also the co-founder and curator of Threesquared, where she’s brought some of my favorite Nashville exhibitions last year. Estes was formerly the gallery director at Fisk University and is apprentice to renowned paintings conservator Cynthia Stow.