Cassey Honeycutt

The Future is Here! Watkins Senior Thesis Shows

For the past hours, I’ve been working on a review of WAG’s senior photography show “and Living” that I caught at the art crawl a few weeks back. I have a lot to say about these students’ important work, and now I’m all the more excited to check out more with senior thesis exhibitions that start Thursday!

The departments of Fine Art and Photography present a four part series of 12 graduating seniors. First up is work from Elizabeth Courtney, Cassey Honeycutt, Kayla Saito and Luke Weir, who have titled their group effort Absence. The exhibition opens tonight with a reception from 5:30 to 8:00 and will be on display at the Brownlee O. Currey, Jr. Gallery through April 6. Saito created one of my favorite Modular Art Pods and I’m dying to see more of her work. As our art scene gains momentum, I recognize more and more how important it is to pay attention to the work of student artists and to support them in their practice.

I’ve found Watkins students to be extremely professional and able to write and talk about their work with clarity. Props to Watkins faculty for making this a priority. I look forward to hearing from these artists and taking in their work.

Elizabeth Courtney will show photography at

Photo by Elizabeth Courtney. “Cannon Fire Runs In Our Veins.” l

Side note: Elizabeth Courtney is showing a full exhibition of photography concurrent with her thesis show. Families Keeping the Past Alive opens Friday at the Masonic Lodge (corner of 7th and Broadway) at 6:00 pm. Here, Courtney presents her life and times as a Civil War Reenactor. If you’ve ever been curious about this fascinating hobby, here is your chance to investigate without getting your musket dirty.