“World Guy” walks from Louisville to Nashville with Giant Globe

I was driving on Wedgewood this afternoon when I spotted them: a man, a dog, and the world.

His name is Eric Bendl, and he’s walking to raise awareness about diabetes, urging others to walk to fend off the disease or manage it. He told me his mother died very young, in her 50s, due to complications with diabetes, and he launched his walk seven years ago and hasn’t slowed down much since. Eric and his lovable dog Nice have walked over 6,000 miles in 48 states. Some walks go for as long as 7 months; others might be a few weeks.

They’ve arrived in Nashville via Louisville. The world is made of canvas and a water bed mattress. They sleep in his van and rely on the kindness of strangers for everything else. Read more about their travels at Eric’s website and look for them as they explore Nashville. And better yet, bundle up and go for a walk. You might run into them. world guy