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Open Studio at Platetone Thursday

DSC01426Hear ye, hear ye! It is the third Thursday of the month and I therefore am inclined to report that Platetone Printmaking, Paper and Book Arts will be holding its monthly open studio at 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Artist Megan Little will conduct a free workshop on using textured wallpaper to make stenciled monotypes. Not sure what that means? Even better. And as usual, the will have a smorgasbord of locally donated, top quality snacks. Platetone is located at 525 5th Ave. S.

Gallery: Nashville Print Crawl 2014

The Nashville Print Crawl was loads of fun. With five destinations and seven print shops, it truly felt like a journey, and we have a beautiful print to commemorate this awesome, community-filled day.

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Print Crawlin’ Saturday


Map of Nashville’s 2014 Print Crawl by Megan Kelley.

Stop the press. The Nashville Print Crawl is Saturday, and you don’t want to miss it! Nashville has a robust printmaking community, as we saw at Porter Flea way back at the beginning of summer, and as we keep seeing everywhere. The Crawl lets you visit with the printmakers, chat them up, look at their cool equipment, and make your own print as you crawl among the seven local groups.

Check out Megan Kelley’s great map for the schedule, or (boring!) read it here: It kicks off 3:30 to 6 p.m. at Sawtooth Printhouse, Isle of Printing, and Hatch Show Print. From 6 to 8 p.m. at 535 4th Ave. S. visit Platetone Printmaking and Goldsmith Press. Finish your print with Kangaroo Press and Grand Palace Silkscreen from 8 to 10 p.m. at Fort Houston, 500 Houston St. and enjoy the after party (i.e. Wiliamsburg).

I first read the “stages” to be places, but I now believe they are chunks of time. (It is a little confusing.) Looks like there are indeed five stops on the crawl.

And Something Else on 4th Ave Tonight!

The Seed Space Catalogue is one sale tonight!

The Seed Space Catalogue is one sale tonight!

I didn’t realize just how busy I’d be when I posted about 4th Ave events yesterday! In addition to Ground Floor’s “ReFreshed” and Platetone’s Open Studio and indigo workshop. Seed Space hosts a panel discussion and catalog release party at 6 p.m. in its Track One location at 1209 Fourth Ave.

The catalog chronicles everything that’s happened at and through Seed Space since 2010 in critical essays. Knowing director Adrienne Outlaw, I’d bet it will be smart, relevant, and beautiful. The panel discussion, called “The Role of Arts Organizations in Nashville,” features Scene editor Laura Hutson, Arts Commission’s Community Arts Manager, Leigh Patton, the Frist’s Chief Curator Mark Scala, and Vanderbilt American Studies lecturer Samuel Shaw. Here’s why I’m interested in this event, and may even forego indigo dying for it. (I’m determined to do it all though!)

In short, Seed Space gets me thinking about art and city and community. It causes me to make connections that I can’t get to on my own. During Andy Sturdevant’s “U.S. Cities Contemporary Art Rankings,” I poked fun at art critics and list makers with everyone else and ranked all major U.S. cities based on their contemporary art scenes, raising some pretty neat questions about accessibility, commodification, and mythology. The photo essay “By the Steeple Bell Rope” by Mike Womack and Scott Zieher, which may still be up now, actually had me kind of mad, which has led to all kinds of late night brainstorms about the role of art in gentrifying a city.

I need Seed Space because the folks there are willing to take risks that contribute to me being a stronger thinker, writer, and community member. It’s a vital organization in the Nashville art scene, which let’s face it, can use some stirring up from time to time.

So the timeline for tonight is Ground Floor Gallery’s A.I.R. exhibit “ReFreshed” features 33 women artists from New York and around the U.S.; then head to Seed Space for the panel discussion; then high tail it over to Platetone to dye indigo and absorb the groovy vibes.

4th Avenue Thursday!

Two top tier events are happening Thursday on 4th Ave! First, Ground Floor Gallery and Studios hosts an opening for “ReFreshed,” an exhibition of A.I.R. artists from New York City and beyond. A.I.R. Gallery (standing for Artists in Residence) was the first nonprofit, artist-directed and maintained, all women art gallery in the U.S. It opened in 1972, when New York City’s art scene was becoming more market driven, and galleries were still predominantly showing male artists. Women artists required a space and voice, and A.I.R. was born. Today, its membership includes artists around the country, and 33 of them will be showing work at 942 Fourth Ave. Ground Floor always makes for a fun visit because its six artists keep open studios. They consistently have the best snacks, and Thursday will be no different: beer and grub from Czanne’s. 5 – 8 p.m.

"Jewel Cave from Another Planet." Sally Resnik Rockriver. The artist will be showing work at "ReFreshed."

“Jewel Cave from Another Planet” by Sally Resnik Rockriver. The artist will be showing work at “ReFreshed.”

"DIY Juche: Abacus for Political Prison Camp (200,000 Prisoners)" by Julia Kim Smith. The artist will be showing at "ReFreshed."

“DIY Juche: Abacus for Political Prison Camp (200,000 Prisoners)” by Julia Kim Smith. The artist will be showing at “ReFreshed.”

"The Book of Neglects" by Patty Smith. The artist will be showing in "ReFreshed."

“The Book of Neglects” by Patty Smith. The artist will be showing in “ReFreshed.”

Then, head over to Platetone Printmaking, Paper and Book Arts. Founded by Lesley Patterson-Marx and her students in 2004, Platetone is a community art space in — you guessed it! — printmaking, paper, and book arts. On the first Thursday of each month, they host an open studio with hands-on creativity. Thursday, Platetone members Loreal Barker-Brown and Carrie Cox will be teaching visitors about indigo and dying paper and fabric. If you choose to join them, you’ll take home a tiny booklet and a pouch to put it in that you dye yourself.

Platetone hosts an indigo dying workshop Thursday at 6 p.m.

Platetone hosts an indigo dying workshop Thursday at 6 p.m. Photo from Platetone.

Nashville is enjoying the high tide of a legit printmaking movement, and Platetone is part of the reason why. I always try to attend their first Thursdays and, although first a bit shyly, take part in their free workshops. What I like most about Platetone is that the members are welcoming and make their creative work so accessible. They have a spirit of community and curiosity that makes the center buzz. And as a studio, it’s pretty cool. They’ve got etching presses, large workspaces, printing presses old and new, and even some wood shop tools. They’re always open to new members, so if you’re in need to studio space, equipment, and a really swell artistic community, remember to thank me later.

Platetone is located at 535 4th Ave. There is parking in back. Event is 6-9 p.m.

Did I mention there’s snacks?